Servo Precision Double Helix High Speed Sheet Cutter Machine With Auto Splicer&Auto Pallet Changer Dayuan SMC 1100ZH/1500ZH/1700ZH/1900ZH

Based on SMC series Servo precision Double-helix High Speed Sheet Cutter Machine, this machine equipped with automatic splicer and pallet changer, which enable it realizing fully automatic operation, and embodied the intelligent and efficient technical characteristics of the machine.

Manufacturer Dayuan

Product details


Model SMC-1100ZH/1500ZH/1700ZH SMC-1900ZH
Model of cutting paper Double rotary sheeter Double rotary sheeter
Thickness of cutting paper 100-1000gsm 100-1000gsm
Cutting length range 450-1650mm 450-1650mm
Cutting precision Cutting length≤1000mm: ±0.1mm
Cutting length>1000mm: ±0.1%
Cutting length≤1000mm: ±0.1mm
Cutting length>1000mm: ±0.1%
Max. cutting meter speed 350 m/min 300 m/min
Max. cutting speed 440 cuts/min 380 cuts/min
Max. scroll diameter 1800mm 1800mm
Max. paper cutting width 1100ZH(45”)mm
Max. paper piling height 1600mm 1600mm
The request for air compressor 0.8Mpa 0.8Mpa
Power consumption 380V/220VⅩ50Hz 380V/220VⅩ50Hz
Gross weight 25000/27000/30000kgs 32000kgs
Full-load power 69/82/90kw 100kw

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