Two-knife sheeter machine Goodstrong TC-1600, TC II - 1600

This cost-effective, yet well-built Sheeter can be ordered to include an extra Reel Stand, Auto-Web Splicer and Non-Stop Grid System for even higher productivity gains.

Manufacturer Goodstrong

Product details


Reel Width Trimmed: 400 mm-1,600 mm (16” -63”)
Reel Diameter: Ø300 mm-2,100 mm (Ø12” -82”)
Reel Max. Weight (Per Reel): 3,200 Kg (7,000 Lbs)
Standard Tapered Chucks: 76 mm -305 mm (3” -12”)
Speed Curve: Up to 300 M/Min (990 ft/Min)
Knife Loading: 1,000 gsm (200 Lbs/1,000 sq.ft)
Cut-Off Range: 460 mm -1,778 mm (18” -70”)
Material Applied: Fine Paper to Paperboard, coated or uncoated.
Single or Multiple Webs.
Max. Pile Height Clearance: 1,650 mm (65”)
Max. Pile Weight: 2,500 Kg (5,500 Lbs)
Total Electrical Power: 3-Phase, 380V/480V, 55 KW, 50Hz/60Hz

The edges of the sheets cut on car and Guillotines dvuhnozhevoy car Goodstrong

The advanced design of the twin helical knife cylinders, which are directly driven by a brushless AC Servo Motor.

Touch Screen operator console integral to knife with order entry and diagnostics.

Dual position shaftless pivoting arm unwind stand with in-floor track and trolley system. RE aircooled pneumatically controlled brakes on each arm.

High speed outfeed tape section with Reject Gate.

The GMC swing arm dancer roller with Auto Tension Control

The heavy duty Pneumatic Slitters ensure the stable and clean slitting.

Exit Roller to the Layboy with Air Jets to supply a curtain of air onto the underside of the sheets and assist delivery of the sheet into the pile.

Web guide system provides positive web edge position control.

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