Digital Printing Servo Precision Double Helix Sheet Cutter Machine Dayuan SMC 1100S/1500S/1700S / SM 1900

Digital ink-jet printing is a printing type of non-contact, non pressure, non plate printing. All digital information can be printed by inputting the digital ink-jet printer through the interface. The traditional ink-jet printing is printing first, then ink-jet printing, which is low efficiency and large loss in paper. At present,the Digital Ink-jet Double-helix High Speed Sheet Cutter Machine developed by our company is to print QR code, bar code and digital pattern on the jumbo roll first through digital ink-jet,then cut the jumbo roll into single sheets, realizing intelligent and efficient detection, enabling digital ink-jet printing and slitting to be completed at one time, greatly reducing paper loss.

Manufacturer Dayuan

Product details


Model SMC-1100S/1500S/1700S SM 1900
Model of cutting paper Double rotary sheeter Double rotary sheeter
Thickness of cutting paper 100-1000gsm 100-1000gsm
Cutting length range 450-1650mm 450-1650mm
Cutting precision Cutting length≤1000mm: ±0.1mm
Cutting length>1000mm: ±0.1%
Cutting length≤1000mm: ±0.1mm
Cutting length>1000mm: ±0.1%
Max. cutting meter speed 350 m/min 300 m/min
Max. cutting speed 440 cuts/min 380 cuts/min
Max. digit printing speed 150 m/min -
Max. scroll diameter 1800mm 1800mm
Max. paper cutting width 1100S(45”)mm
Max. paper piling height 1600mm 1600mm
The request for air compressor 0.8Mpa 0.8Mpa
Power consumption 380V/220VⅩ50Hz 380V/220VⅩ50Hz
Gross weight 21000/23000/26000kgs 22000kgs
Full-load power 69/82/90kw 100kw

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