Cutting and Collecting Sheet System Uanchor ASG100, ASG145, ASG165

In the pre-printing process, a large amount of time is used to transport and process paper.
This paper cutting and collecting system is an optimized, cost-effective and practical paper cutting and collecting system for printing industry. It can adapt to high-speed paper cutting machines of various sizes and automatically complete the work of paper delivery, handling, stacking and finishing.It has many characteristics, such as improving production efficiency, reducing labor intensity, reducing assistant time and so on.
This system mainly includes: Automatic Lifting Machine, Automatic Paper Unloading Machine, Pile Turner.

Manufacturer Uanchor

Product details


Lifting machine
Model ASG100 ASG165
Max.sheet size 1360×1000mm 1700×1240mm
Max.loading weight 1200kg 1500kg
Max.lifting height 900mm 900mm
Power 0.75kw 0.75kw
Weight 500kg 900kg
L×W×H 1650×1350×1360mm 1650×1350×1360mm
Paper unloading machine
Model AS100 AS145 AS165
Max.sheet size 1060×780mm 1450×1100mm 1650×1250mm
Min.sheet size 350×400mm 350×400mm 350×400mm
Max.pile height 1650mm(include pallet) 1650mm(include pallet) 1650mm(include pallet)
Single unloading height 20-160mm 20-160mm 20-160mm
Single max.unloading weight 200kg 250kg 300kg
Working speed 30-48s/次 30-48s/次 30-48s/次
Min.terrain clearance 150mm 150mm 150mm
Power 2kw 2kw 2kw
Weight 1000kg 1300kg 1500kg
L×W×H 2400×1850×2050mm 3300×2200×2050mm 3500×2300×2050mm

Lifting Machine: Automatic lifting with the characteristics of human nature, the operator can take paper at a very suitable height, The paper is fed into the paper cutting machine more quickly and smoothly, so the manual handling is reduced, and the work efficiency can be increased by 10%.

Paper Unloading Machine:Automatic paper unloading machine can automatically stack paper neatly. The operator only needs to place the cut paper on the worktable of the unloading machine,and the unloading machine will automatically place the paper neatly on the tray.Paper unloading machine can improve production efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of operators.

Paper unloading machine not only improves the cutting output,but also the neat function of stacking paper brings great convenience to the follow-up work flow.

Pile Turner: The whole tray stack stacked by the paper unloading machine can be further operated on loosing, dedusting, turning and aligning, and then the whole paper can be directly put on the paper feeder(all process equipment paper feeder can be used). This equipment not only saves labor but also avoids the influence of manual operation on the surface of printed matter. It is a necessary auxiliary equipment in the printing process.

This paper cutting and collecting sheet system is the first in China. In this way, unnecessary pauses in some downstream processes will be significantly reduced, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing labor intensity.

According to various printing processes of customers,our company will recommend various auxiliary combinations and production lines of various cutting processes.

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