Paper Unloading Machine Uanchor AS100, AS145, AS165


Manufacturer Uanchor

Product details


  • The main frame is welded with high quality materials, stress removal by vibration stress relief, has high strength, stability and reliability, long service life.
  • Double guild rails on both sides are used for the up and down movement of the paper unloading platform: the guide rail is large size(35)high precision linear guide rail, guide groove is machined by machining center, the precision is within 0.05mm;high precision ball screw(φ50mm,TBI),make sure that the accurate control of up and down moving position within 1mm.
  • Paper unloading platform using high density air flotation structure, the unloading part is floating on one side and clamping on the other side, make sure that the paper moves easily and flexibly and unloads the paper neatly.
  • The verticality of the unloading platform and the bracket of the whole machine is within 1mm to make sure that the unloading is neat and accurate.
  • The program control system is reasonable in design, stable and reliable, highly automated, dynamic display of faults and convenient in eliminate.
  • Electrical device using famous products such as OMRON Schneider which have stable performance and long service life.


Model AS100 AS145 AS165
Max .sheet Size 1060×780mm 1450X1100mm 1650X1250mm
Min .sheet Size 400×400mm 400×400mm 400×400mm
Max .pile .height 1650mm(including wood pallet) 1650mm(including wood pallet) 1650mm(including wood pallet)
Max .ream .height 160mm 160mm 160mm
Min .ream .height 40mm 40mm 40mm
Precision 150mm 150mm 150mm
Max. loading ≤150Kg ≤250Kg ≤300Kg
Unloading.time 18-42 seconds/times 22-46 seconds/times 26-50 seconds/times
Power 380VAC 50HZ N PE 380VAC 50HZ N PE 380VAC 50HZ N PE
Operation System PLC controlled PLC controlled  
Machine power 2.7kw 4.2kw  
weight 1100kg 1300kg  
Machine size 2750×2200×2200mm(L×W×H) 3550×2250×2200mm(L×W×H)  

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