Paper pile turning machine Uanchor FZ1200, FZ1200A, FZ1700

The equipment is mainly used in printing, packaging and processing industries. It is used for dedusting, loosening, aligning and turning of paper stacks. It is an indispensable equipment to improve the efficiency of printing and post-printing process.

Manufacturer Uanchor

Product details


1. Dedusting
This machine can remove the impurities such as paper fibers,paper scraps and printing powders.
Before printing,this machine can improve printing quality and reduce the defection rate about 80%. After printing,this machine can remove the printing powders,give a fast dry to the ink and prevents sticking together as well as paper back pollution.
It can stop impurities such as paper fibers,paper scraps go into printing machine and then increase the service life of printing machine.

2. Loosing
Through vibration and blowing, it can play the role of loose paper, reduce the adhesion of double sheets and paper, reduce the number of downtime, and improve production efficiency.

3. Aligning
Vibration tray and high-pressure air blowing device can make the whole paper neat at one time, instead of manual yard paper.

4. Turning
The whole stack of paper flips over the back and prints again. Artificial paper-turning consumes a lot of physical energy. It can free employees from such heavy physical labor and create a better working environment for employees.

5. Extract bad products
In the process of vibration and blowing, the bad products in paper pile can be extracted.

6. High efficiency and easy operation
The average time is 3 - 5 minutes to complete the process of dedusting,aligning,loosing and turning
No professional operation is required.


Model FZ1200 FZ1200A FZ1700
Mechanical data  
Maximum Paper Pile (Containing Pallets) 1000KG 1400KG 2500KG
Maximum paper size 800×1200MM 800×1200MM 1200×1700MM
Maximum splint spacing 1440MM 1920MM 1840MM
Minimum splint spacing 680MM 920MM 920MM
Electrical data  
Power Supply 3P 380V AC 50HZ
Power 8KW 8KW 16KW
Hydraulic pressure Maximum 16MPA, Hydraulic oil 46﹟ in summer and 32﹟ in winter; Hydraulic tank capacity 12 liters
General parameters  
Net Weight 2800KG 3600KG 4200KG
Dimension Size 2370×2090×1890 MM 2900×2400×2200 MM 2550×2590×2590MM
Noise <80 sB
Work environment  
Temperature +12℃~+45℃
Humidity Dry ventilation with relative humidity not exceeding 50% without condensation
Ground Ground Level, Foundation Strong

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