Paper loading machine Uanchor AGS145, AGS165

Manufacturer Uanchor

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  • The main frame of the machine is welded with high quality materials, which has high strength and is processed with high precision by processing center. It improves the assembly accuracy of the equipment and prolongs its service life.
  • The two sides of the lifting and unloading guide are arranged to shorten the overall size of the machine, the center of gravity is more backward, and the machine runs more stably.
  • Double ball screw is used for lifting and unloading. It runs smoothly and has low noise.
  • There is a protective cover outside the whole machine to ensure safety use.
  • Components are welded integrally, with good material quality, high overall welding strength and stable performance.
  • The machine using mechanical and electrical switches in key parts and so it is safe to operate.
  • Interface is simple to operate, easy to trouble clearing, improve automation and production efficiency.


Model AGS145 AGS165
Max .Loading Size 1450X1100mm 1800X1320mm
Min . Loading Size 560X450 620X500
Max .Staking Height 1600mm 1600mm
Max . Loading Height 160mm 160mm
Min . Loading Height 30mm 40mm
Precision 160mm 160mm
Max. loading ≤200Kg ≤250Kg
Loading.time 25-60 sec/times 25-60 sec/times
Air.Demand 6 bar 6 bar
Operation System PLC controlled PLC controlled
Machine power 5.3kw 6kw
Machine size 3200×2650×2400mm(L×W×H) 3800×2900×2400mm(L×W×H)

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