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This equipment is a special equipment for post-press processing of playing cards. It is a blank product in China. It provides a new technology for post-press processing of playing cards.

It can process single and double pairs, and is suitable for various types of typesetting, such as: 545×545 (single pair), 808×720 (double pairs 108 pieces), 897×662 (double pairs 110 pieces), 986×603 (double pairs 110 pieces), without changing knives just simple adjustment.

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The feeding head runs smoothly at high speed and feeds paper smoothly at upper and lower layers which ensures the normal and stable working speed of the machine 3000 times per hour,that is 6000 pairs per hour. The splitting part adopts a special press spoke structure and the connecting point splitting mode. The splitting accuracy reaches ±0.2mm.

Servo system control push card, pneumatic system control the unique card receiving structure to ensure that the order between each card is not disorderly, not losing.

All the purchased parts are selected from well-known brands at home and abroad which ensures the high performance and long life of the whole machine.

PLC centralized control, man-machine interface to achieve human-machine communication, the whole machine has a high degree of automation.

Centralized collection of production waste, clean working environment.


Model Automatic Card Slitting&Collating Machine
Minimum Paper 470×360mm
Slitting Card Size 88.5*58.5mm(Ordinary Poker of the Machine)
Slitting Card Maximum Size 91*66mm(need customized)
Slitting Card Minimum Size 88*53mm(need customized)
Maximum Working Speed 3000sheets/hour
Total Power 16.47 kw
Main Paper Feeding Motor 0.75KW
Paper Feeding Air Pump 3KW
Main Motor 5.5KW
Servo Motor 0.4×2=0.8KW
Air Compressor 4KW (Choose)
Blower 0.55×3+0.37=2.02KW
Oil Pump Motor 2.2×2=4.4KW
Paper Thickness 200~450g/㎡
Shape size(L×W×H) 6200×6330×1850mm
Power Supply 3P 380V/50HZ N PE
Net Weight 9.5T


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