Industry single pass digital printing machine Wonder WD200-XXX+

Industry single pass middle speed digital printing machine with water-based ink fit small and big quality orders

Manufacturer Wonder

Product details


  • WD200+ use high speed inkjet technology, environmental water-based ink.
  • Higher precision and higher production speed, max can be 1.8m/s with 600*200dpi, 1.2m/s with 600*300dpi, 0.7m/s with 600*600dpi.
  • Printing width is ordered,actual capacity is 2400~7200 per hour.
  • Use industrial grade inkjet printhead with high precision, good effect and high speed.
  • Optional connect with drying system and varnish coating system, printing effect can keep shiny color and waterproof 2 in 1 by lower production cost.


Model WD200-24A+/32A+/36A+/48A+/54A+/64A+
Printhead Mirco-piezo hightest printhead
Printhead quantity 24 pieces / 32 pieces / 36 pieces/ 48 pieces/ 54 pieces /64 pieces ( can be customized )
Ink type Special water-based dye ink special waterproof latex ink
Color model Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
Medium distance 2mm-4mm
Printing resolution ≥600*200 dpi
Printing efficiency 600*200dpi, max speed1.8m/s; 600*300dpi max speed1.2m/s; 600*600dpi max speed 0.7m/s;
Material format Below 2200mm*2400mm under auto feeding
Printing format Below (X)mm*2400mm under auto feeding (X=printhead quantity plus 33mm)
Drying speed Liner-board can be dry once print out
Work environment 20ºC-25ºC Indoor,Humidity 50%-70%
Ink supply Automatic ink supply
Feeding mode Automatic feeding
Material thickness 1.5mm-20mm
Thermostat system Thermostat system with patent
Operate system Professional RIP system, professional printing system, Win7 system with 32 bit operating system or above
Power supply About 22 KW power:AC380±10%,50-60HZ
Machine size L*W*H:6650*5301*1753(mm)
Weight 5500KGS

Fast speed: the fastest production speed can be 1.8m/s with 600*180dpi, 1.2m/s with 600*360dpi, 0.7m/s with 600*720dpi.

Version costs: traditional printing system need to produce flexor, takes time and money. but WD200environmentally printing system do not need it and use inkjet printing technology.

Environmentally: the traditional printing system need washing machine, produce large amounts of sewage,and produce large amounts of waste flexor, pollute the environment when replace the varieties. The WD200environmentally printing system use 4-source color inkjet printing technology, won’t cause these problems.

Labor: the traditional printing system, from the plate to the printing demands worker with high request and number,the process is cumbersome, time-consuming and labor-intensive, reducing production efficiency . WD200 environmentally printing system use computer plate-making, computer palette and computer save,simple operation, printing on-demand, saving time and labor, high production efficiency.

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