Full-Automatic High-Speed Window Patching Machine Caunta G-650/650S/860S

  • Hob cutting film + Single group film applicator
  • Servo motor paper feeding
  • Servo motor film feeding
  • Paper receiving stepper with batch counting
  • Paper vacuum adsorption transport
  • Double sheet / empty sheet gluing rising automatically
  • Paper length L < 260mm double sheet mode
  • Follow lable of film printing surface(optional)
  • Film with punching holes (optional)
  • Tissue box film middle cut (optional)
Manufacturer Caunta

Product details


Model G-650 G-650S G-860S
Max.Paper Size W650xL550mm W650xL550mm W850xL550mm
Mini.Paper Size 110x110mm 110x110mm 110x110mm
Paper gram above Kraft Paper:150-1200g/㎡ White Cardboard:230-1200g/㎡ Corrugated Paper:≤3mm
Max.Film W290xL300mm W290xL300mm W290xL300mm
Mini.Film W30xL50mm W30xL50mm W30xL50mm
Film Thickness CPE/PE:0.1-0.3mm PVC:0.08-0.25mm APET/PET:0.06-0.2mm CPE/PE:0.1-0.2mm PVC:0.08-0.20mm APET/PET:0.06-0.18mm
Max.Film Unwinding Diameter 400mm 400mm 400mm
Paste error ±2mm ±2mm ±2mm
Maximum Speed 15000pcs/h Paper L≤260mm:30000pcs/hPaper L>260mm:15000pcs/h Paper L≤260mm:30000pcs/h Paper L>260mm:15000pcs/h
Servo Motor Driving part:Paper feeding department 1 set ,film delivery department 1 set
Stepping Motor Driving Parts: Automatic paper receiving 1 set
Machine Size L540xW130x160cm L540xW130x160cm L500xW150x160cm
Power 380/415V 50/60Hz 5KW 380/415V 50/60Hz 5KW 380/415V 50/60Hz 6KW
Overall Weight 1720kg 1800kg 1800kg

Adopt belt feeding paper ,it is suitable for coated, reverse UV, nano UV, oily and waterborne paper, kraft paper and corrugated paper.

All the parameters and functions of the switch are operated in the touch screen, and the operation panel is equipped with a "Inch, start, stop, speed adjust" quick operation button.

Chain guides are made of imported polymer materials, wear-resistant and mute, and paper positioning is made of square pushers to increase the stability of paper in high-speed operation.

Paper is vacuum absorbed by perforated belt in the whole process of gluing and pasting.It runs steadily at high speed and has high precision.

Single stepper motor controls the operation of paper-collecting belt. Paper-folding distance can be adjusted wholly or segmentally and run at multi-speed.

Film cutting hob is a local sectional design. Compared with traditional whole section cutting, it has lower noise, less vibration, more convenient tool adjustment and tool change. Adding back spring prevents the occurrence of stuck knife problem.

All drives are driven by synchronous wheels and synchronous belts with low mechanical noise and high accuracy.

Adopting domestic listed companies' first-line brand "Xinjie" servo drive system and "lnovance" frequency conversion speed regulation system, the stability is high.

1. Paper towel box film opening device can be installed to open or cut off the local film.

2. A cursor tracking system for film printing can be installed to track and locate the pattern of film printing surface, and the position of window and film pattern sticking is always the same.

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