High speed 4-6 corner folding and gluing machine SBL TS 1000NMWS

1 Equipped with wireless remote control for easy operation and highmobility.
2 Feeder with pneumatic and electrical adjustment, saving manpower.
3 Troubleshooting monitoring system for easy problem solving.
4 Motorized carrier adjustment. The middle carrier can be easily unloaded according to the production (box design) requirement.
5 Max. machine speed reach 400 m/min to meet with high production volume demand.
6 Driving system use high strength, low noise flat belt for high efficiency and easy maintenance.
7 Two servo motor driven back fold shafts. Suitable for 4-and 6-corner boxes, cake, gift and bottom folding boxes, and standard box production.
8 4 nozzle cold-glue sprayer system and bottom gluing unit (2 sets). Easy to use and clean.
9 Upper compressor section is forward-backward adjustable and uses sponge-like belts for smooth transfer to conveyor section where product is stacked.
10 Standard features include touch screen on main machine (H.M.I) automatic speed control, photo sensor counter, volume setting and kicker device.

Manufacturer SBL Group

Product details


Model TS-550 Wn STS-650 FC
Max. Blank width, mm 550х380 650х400
Min. Blank width, mm 55х60 90х75
Thickness cardboard, g/m2 200-600 200-600
Machine Speed, m/min 300 300
Line lenght, мм 9700 9700
Machine Weight, kg 3800 3800
Straight line + +
Double wall + +
Bottom-folding + +
Model TS-1000 NMWS
Max. Blank width, mm 1000х700
Min. Blank width, mm 150*х100
Thickness cardboard, g/m2 200-600
Corrugated type E
Maximum Speed, m/min 400
Line length, mm 15200
Machine Weight, Kg 9700
Standard folding boxes +
Double sides boxes +
Crashlock bottom boxes +
4 corner and 6 corner +
Special box types +

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