Automatic Diecutting and Creasing Platen with Stripping and Blanking SBL Group 1060SCB


Manufacturer SBL Group

Product details

Efficient and Flexible

  • Cutting, stripping, blanking in one pass for up to 9,000 sheets/hour
  • Synchronized feeder and register provide extremely accurate non-stop feeding
  • High flexibility for short-run jobs, non-stop production for long –run jobs

Hassle-free blanks ready for the next step

  • Amazing blank quality, ready for next step
  • Automatic sheet inserter, delivering perfect blank piles

Cost-effective design

  • Minimizing operator intervention and maximizing uptime by high automation
  • Easy accessibility, fast setting and changeovers for optimal productivity

Intelligent Feeder

  • Motorized side adjustment of Pallet table (+/-35mm), ensuring precise feeding
  • Non-stop system for Feeder Section
  • Movable gangway puts adjustment elements within easy reach
  • Continuous and stable sheet feeding with perfect material positioning enable to run various weight of stocks precisely
  • Auxiliary air blower can be adapted from thin material to cardboard

Feed Table Register

  • Front lays register device with 4 sensors brings each sheet into perfect cut-to-print register
  • Optical lateral sheet register: Lateral sensors identify
  • Sheet edge for automatic centering
  • Ultrasonic double sheet detector without making contact with jobs leading to scratch free

Die Cutting Section

  • Double cam drive system conveying sheets in the smoothest way possible
  • FCD 600 high rigidity platen with 4 ways +/- 0.9mm micro adjustment
  • Motorized adjustment of cutting pressure up to 260 tons
  • 2 quick lock die-cutting chases for quick and easy setting which are locked and pushed by pneumatic system

State-Of-Art Gripper Bar

  • 8 pieces of state-of-art gripper bar from SBL latest technology, which allows minimum number and size of nicks at reasonable maximum production speed due to the unique design of large-motion
  • Angle eccentric worm gear drive system
  • Carbon fiber gripper bar, lightweight in design & high rigidity for enduring performance
  • Access to sample sheet with gripper opener using pneumatic at Stripping Section

In-Line Stripping Section

  • Upper frame with quick lock mechanism
  • Center line and register system for stripping

Blanking & Blank Pile Delivery

  • Upper frame with quick lock mechanism
  • Center line and register system for blanking
  • Automatic sheet inserter
  • Automatic non-stop rack for continuous production -Air sheet braking unit /sheet tail suction device increases the stability of the sheet movement and allows smooth transfer
  • Automatic non-stop rack for continuous production
  • In-ground conveyor for efficient operation


Model 1060SCB
Max. paper size 1060 x 760 mm
Min. paper size 400 x 350 mm
Max. die-cutting paper size 1060 x 746 mm
Maximum cutting pressure 260 Tons
Thickness of die-cutting paper 0.1~2.0 mm
Corrugated paper E flute (≦ 2mm)
Max pile height at feeder  
(Without /With non-stop ) 1820 / 1520 mm
Max pile height at finish with non-stop 1550 mm
Width of Gripper margin 9 ~ 17mm
Outside size of die chase 1190 x 880 mm
Inner size of die chase  
1080 x 770 mm  
Plywood Max. of die 1070 x 725 mm
First Cutting Rule 13mm
Size of counter plate (cutting plate) 1090 x 760 mm
Height of cutting rules 23.8 mm
Stroke of moveable platen 44 mm
Accuracy of die cutting sheets ±0.075mm
Maximum punching speed 9000 Sheets / hour
Power Required 43KVA (34.4KW)
Machine Dimension (with catwalk) L 9718 x W 6236 x H 3145 mm
Machine net weight 23 Tons

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