Automatic diecutting and creasing platen SBL 1050E

1 Wide feeding range from 400x370mm to 1050x750mm, maximum speed 7500 sheets/hour.
2 Non-stop device for feeder and delivery station can ensure continuing production.
3 The slow down device on feed table to ensure precise sheet feeding.
4 Double sheet and front lay register device can calibrate the sheet feeding.
5 Push and pull 2-in-1 side guide device to handle different stocks.
6 High strength alloy gripper bars.
7 Touch screen monitor with computerized self-diagnostic system is easy to operate and helpful for troubleshooting on each section.
8 Cutting pressure can be adjusted according to the stocks and the maximum pressure can up to 300 ton.
9 Various stock cutting range from light paper to B-flute.
10 The brush push down device and joggle device at delivery station to ensures proper stacking.
11 Highly safe and reliable machine.

Manufacturer SBL Group

Product details


Model 1050E
Max. paper size 1050 x 750 mm
Min. paper size 400 x 370 mm
Max. die-cutting paper size 1040 x 730 mm
Die-cutting force 300 Tons
Range of material thickness 0.1 - 2 mm
Min. gripper margin 9.5 mm
Inner size of die chase 1144 x 760 mm
Cutting plate size 1080 x 736 mm
Max. punching speed 7500 S/H
Variable speed main motor 11.0 kw
Other power required 9kw
Machine length 6118 mm
Machine width 3831 mm
Machine height 2040 mm
Machine weight (approx.) 15 Tons

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