Small single sheet printing quality detection equipment FOCUSIGHT FS500P

Automatic vertical stacking of qualified or defective products: Higher efficiency, reducing the manual operation
Detection of frontage: It can select one, two or three cameras in accordance with the detecting contents.
Detection of back: It can configure the detection of back as needed.

Manufacturer Focusight

Product details


Maximum detection breadth: 450mm(W) * 400mm(L)
Minimum detection breadth: 100mm(W) * 100mm(L)
Basis weight: 90~300g/m2
Maximum transmission speed: 200m/min
Image acquisition resolution ratio: 0.09mm * 0.167mm
External dimension of machine: 6630mm * 2820mm * 1950mm
Machine weight: 3500kg
Camera configuration:
Frontage: 1 high speed CCD camera: Common printing detection station
2~3 high speed CCD cameras: Silk print gloss paint detection station (optional), film concave- convex detection station (optional)
Back: 1 high speed CCD camera (optional)
Software module: Detection software module of electronic supervision code


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