Automatic Platen Foil Stamping and Die Cutting SBL 820EF

  1. Computerized foil control system and full color touch screen monitor with self-diagnostic system is easy to operate and helpful for troubleshooting on each section.
  2. Standard 3 shafts foil feeding system on delivery station which with individual programmable for foil pull length and with easy foil loading system.
  3. Unique style 3 air-shafts foil rewind device, to ensure the foil rewind properly and easy to change waste foil.
  4. 8 Zones heating system base with individual temperature control on the heater zone control center.
  5. Pneumatic honeycomb and chase locking system to eliminate loose mechanical parts.
  6. Automatic impression on/off system with tonnage searching pre-set program, maximum 200 metric tones of pressure for die cutting and foil stamping.
  7. Standard equipped with head-stop and push and pull 2-in-1 side guide device.
  8. Both feeder and delivery section standard with non-stop device to ensure continues production.
  9. Wide range of stock from light paper to B-flute.
  10. Optional hologram system available.
Manufacturer SBL Group

Product details


Model 820EF
Max. paper size 815 x 605 mm
Min. paper size 320 x 280 mm
Max. die-cutting paper size 805 x 590 mm
Min. gripper margin 9.5mm
Die-cutting force 200 Tons
Inner size of die chase 926 x 618 mm
Cutting plate size 848 x 600 mm
Range of material thickness 0.1mm~2mm (80~1400gsm)
Corrugated paper ≦4mm
Height of cutting rules 23.6mm
Max. punching speed 8000S/H
Register tolerance ±0.075mm
Feeder pile height with pallet 1200mm
Feeder pile height with pallet (without non-stop) 1300mm
Delivery pile height 1040mm
Small sheet device (option)
Longitudinal puller shafts 3
Traversal puller shafts
Hologram not available
Max. foil diameter φ240mm
Rewind shafts 3
Max. rewind diameter φ260mm
Max. stamp speed 6500S/H
Heating zones 8zones
Total power 30KVA
Outer size of machine(mm) 4174L × 1869W × 2366H
Machine weight (approx.) 10Tons

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