Flexible foil stamping machine Gietz ROFO 1020 PLUS

The versatile in web processing

Meeting the needs of wider web customers and offering the well-known Gietz strengths of high-quality hot foil stamping, embossing and hologram application. The Gietz ROFO 1020 PLUS was specially developed based on market requirements for wider solutions following the ROFO 910 PLUS.

Manufacturer Gietz

Product details


  • Web speed up to 130 m/min
  • High performance foil transportation system VACUFOIL
  • Dwell time
  • Efficiency
  • Longitudinal and transverse foil feed
  • Up to 11 foil webs
  • Modular system
  • Hologram application technology



  • Longitudinal or transverse foiling operation
  • Suction channel frames with loop sensors to house the foil before pulling
  • Suction board at press entry for foil web tension control
  • Pneumatic vacuum device at press exit with adjustable blowing nozzles for foil separation
  • Air cushion shafts to better support the foil travel
  • Air induced draft fans with aspiration pipes to generate the vacuum
Machine extensions

The standard machine can be extended by a second stamping station for hot foil stamping and blind embossing. Another possibility is to add a web sheeter or different substrate un- and rewind solutions as well as other machine components.

Visualisation and inspection equipment

  • A single camera video system for print quality monitoring can be supplied
  • For inspection and observation of the quality of high gloss reflecting foil stamped areas, a state of the art system for fault detection based on incremental reading is available. This works also for hologram application in security applications
Baling press for foil waste

  • High capacity baling press for waste foil
  • The foil waste drive is located outside the machine, offering a clean and time saving solution
Hologram application

  • The hologram foil is unwound using the VACUFOIL foil transportation system
  • The foil tension of each hologram foil web is individually adjustable
  • The register mark detection happens inside the press or at the entry to the press

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