High-speed Folder Gluer SCM WO-650, WO-750, WO-850, WO-1050

professional series
max. speed upto 450m/min

Manufacturer SCM

Product details


Модели 650 750 850 1050
Paper Range 200~550gsm cardboard; E,B flute corrugated board
Speed Range 40-420m/min
Glue emulsion type
Box Type straight line; double wall; lock-bottom; optional 4 or 6 corner collapsible box;
Main Power 14.8kw; 15.5kw; 19.5kw; 19.5kw
Weight 4800kgs; 5500kgs; 6800kgs; 7200kgs

Main machine configuration

1. Feeding section
Five feeding belts, which driven by an independent variable-frequency motor, run at the precise and synchronize speed with the main machine.
Easy to adjust the belt speed for stable feeding and spacing between blanks.
Two suction belts work with vibration motor assure smooth paper feeding.
Belt cleaning brush with easy angel adjustment for better cleaning of the belt surface to increase the feeding stability.
Feeder start/stop can be controlled by remote controller at any operation area.

2. Alignment section
2 carrier side alignment for left or right positioning.
Perfect alignment after feeding section assure the high speed running and print inspection accuracy.

3. Print inspection section
Vacuum belt conveyor suck the blank during the transportation, assure the camera to catch the stable image.
One 7K resolution ratio, color line scan CCD camera from Chromasens (German brand) to check the print defect, including regular printing, deviation of hot stamping and die cutting registration, creasing line width, and the color difference inspection ΔE≥3.
One 8K resolution ratio, monochrome line scan CCD camera from E2V (UK brand) to check the finishing defect, including film lamination, varnishing and embossing problems.
One Chinese brand area scan camera to check the variable bar code and QR code.
The max. inspection area is width*length: 650*500mm. And the min. inspection area is 0.2mm2.
The max. inspection speed is 300m/min, but suggested to work with speed under 220m/min for steady performance.
The inspection software FSCheck V2.0 is from FOCUSIGHT Technology Co., Ltd.
The rejection bar will turn on to remove the defective cartons from the rejection channel.

4. Pre-folding folding
The pre-breaking sword (180°) on the left side and belt pre-breaking device (135°) on right side enable the pre-fold of the 1st and 3rd crease lines to make final automatic filling much easier.
Sectional upper carrier combined with special design can be telescopically adjusted, no need to tension the belts, quick set up and job change over.

5. Crash lock bottom section
Three-carrier construction with split upper carriers.
Easy for mounting lock bottom accessories, more operator friendly.
The electronic cold gluing system with 2 guns 2 sensor are standard parts with the machine. The max. gluing speed is 200m/min.

6. Lower straight line gluing section
Lower gluing pots on both sides are equipped. Easy to remove, fix and clean.
Gluing wheel by 2 section blade can control the volume well and avoid the glue splash at high speed.

7. Main Folding section:
Special designed stabilization device can control the folding belt stable running at high speed, avoid the “trumpet” effect.
Speed adjustment for left and right folding belt.

8. Trombone section
Heavy duty double frame trombone section.
High speed batch counter and kicker.
Easy to change the cartons collection from overlapping to underlapping. And the jam detector is equipped.
Easy to adjust the pressure holding device according the cartons sizes without change the belt tension.
The glue faulty rejection channel equipped in trombone section after main folding section.

9. Conveyor section:
There are two independent pneumatic pressing section in the whole conveyor, which can be easily adjustment.
The additional sponge pressing belt for extra compression for crash lock boxes.
The independent driven system assure the box stream regulate synchronously with the main machine.
Delivery table equipped as standard after conveyor section.

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