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Rotary Die Cutteris a flexo press supplied with counter ejector, down stacker, or RDC stacker. SECO Rotary Die Cutter is a complete equipment to print, count, and eject the corrugated boards to make boxes automatically set by computer with a self-diagnostic system.

Manufacturer Seco

Product details


  • Automatic Settings for job change
  • Easy replaceable tread wheel
  • Anti-Static Dust Removal System
  • SUN Automation(USA) Feeder adopted
  • AC Vector Motor & Vector Inverter controller


  • Top or Bottom Printing
  • Ceramic Anilox Roll
  • Vacuum Transfer
  • Automatic Settings for Zero point, Impress, Anilox, Damper and Washing
  • Special surface treated transport wheel
  • Chamber Doctor Blade : TRESU(Optional)


  • Accurate and precise setting position by LM
  • Pre-creasing by Steel rules or Rubber rules
  • Slitting knife : DUAL
  • Big diameter of main-creasing rolls for effective creasing performance
  • robust structure to sustain the heave duty of high speed production
  • Board is firmly hold during the slotting
  • Isolated CREASER Unit(Optional)


  • Conveyor for Scrap
  • Automatic setting for Die cutting roll, Anvil Roll and Pull roll
  • Dual Brake system, ANTI-Pratial wearing movement
  • Anvil Grinding System(Optional)


  • Single stage construction
  • Automatic lateral unit position setting
  • Bundle compression device with air blow adjusting device
  • Preset sheet counting
  • Stable operation of Elevator thanks to AC Servo motor
  • Simplified operation mechanism of Press Bar and Ledge by compressed air
  • Fine adjustment of Feeder, Printer, Slotter, Die Cutter on 12” Touch screen panel
  • Economical energy consumption


  • Anti-drop safety feature
  • Vacuum assisted belt transportation for high speed operation
  • Stack height alarm and warning light
  • Dual brush and stripping blower (RDC Stacker)
  • Automatic stack discharge conveyor (Optional)


  • 17” Main Touch Screen Panel at 3 Units
  • Remote control feature : All units’ setting can be controlled from any touch screen
  • Ethernet communication protocol between the units : fast, precise and stable setting
  • Remote Customer Service via internet
  • Job data saving and management
  • Possible to interface with Factory Production Control System(Protocol open)




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