MINI Plasma treatment surface machine KeQi KQ-MP10A

Plasma processing can make PP filmed and UV coating cartons firmly glued by water-based glue. Being environmentally friendly, the plasma process eliminates mechanical sanding, drilling, No dust and scrapes, Conforms to package safety requirements on food and pharmacy.

Manufacturer KeQi

Product details


  • Improve surface tension, make stronger adhesive
  • To be treated online
  • Improve adhesive bonding performance, increase surface energy.
  • Saves the cost of glue.


Model Hot melt adhesive systems
Application product straight box,cable, silica gel product ,Lock bottom box ,ink jet printing,3D print etc.
Head 1
Input power AC220V
Air pressure request 0.1-0.2Mba
Power 800W
N. G 25KG
Dimension 230W*580L*380H
Effective processing width 6-10mm per gun

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