Lifting and unloading machines Uanchor YC-DSJ

  • It has dual functions of common hydraulic forklift and automatic lift, and its position can be moved according to need.
  • IEquipped with photoelectric automatic height tracking system to ensure that the stack automatically rises to the set height after taking out the paper.
  • IEquipped with multi-stage telescopic hydraulic cylinder, it can automatically lift, stable, reliable and noise-free.
  • IElectric lifting, manpower moving,a charge can be used for a long term.
Manufacturer Uanchor

Product details


Model YC-DSJ
Max. loading(kg) 1000KG
Max. height(mm) 800mm
Min. height(mm) 75mm
Machine size(mm) 1200*540(L*W)
capacity/power(Ah/V) 60Ah/12V

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