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KQ is a hot melt glue equipment manufacturer, the hot melt glue machine is mainly used for automatic application equipment for hot melt glue spraying, squeegeeing, rolling, gluing and injecting glue. It is widely used in household goods, automobile industry, coating compound industry, book binding and other industries.

Manufacturer KeQi

Product details


  • Convenience operation, flexiblecontrol.
  • Setting the auto-preheating time within a week
  • Adjust temperature according to glue characteristics
  • Gun\pump independent control modular of temperature.
  • Device insulation function.
  • Over-temperature protection by software
  • Faults shutdown feature automatically.
  • Extend install on any belts


Model Hot melt adhesive systems
Application product pharma\ Cigarettes\carton boxes \all kind of paper boxes
Capacity 10L
Glue tank 14:1
Melt speed 18.1KG (40lb/h)
Amount of glue 13.7KG 30lb/h
Temperature range 38-230℃С
Maximum pump pressure 32.7KG 72 lb/h
Input voltage 200-240V 1phrase or 3phrase
Gun series Slot coating gun pressure gun electronic gun etc.

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