Cold glue application system multiple channels KeQi KPM-PJ-V28

Modular system control, the control and monitoring functions can be operated through the touch screen to achieve comprehensive visual operation through the central touch screen, ensure flexible and intuitive, and provide maximum reliability and quality for high-efficiency processing equipment and production.

KQ cold glue gun, with the characteristics of ultra fast, ware-free electromagnetic and non-contact, spray glue line and dot accurately, even the smallest application. The glue can be sprayed on specific location of the carton and box products with the accuracy of millimeters at any speed, which minimizes the cleaning and installation time during production and reduces waste.

Manufacturer KeQi

Product details


Model KPM-PJ-V28
Application product straight line box, crash lock box, 4 & 6 corner box, hamburger box, folding, box in box, book etc
Controller model HZ8
Pump model HB9
Head 1-8pcs; 1-16pcs; 1-24pcs
Input power AC220V 50-60Hz
Air pressure request 6-8 bar
Adhesive viscosity 700-5000mPas
Power 680W
N.G 100KG
Dimension 1932W*666L*1800H

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